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From Corporate to Volunteer

In September of 2015 I decided to make a break from my professional career and follow something that I was thinking about for many years. I quit my corporate job and decided to move to Latin America to volunteer and work for NGOs trying to influence the life conditions of others. My goal is to make a best use from the qualifications that I got from my previous business experience and use them this time in order to help people. I started from part time volunteering but this was only a first step in my pursue to work for NGOs in Latin America.

2015 November - 2016 January

Bogota, Colombia

Emerging Voices




My second stop in Latin America was Bogota, Colombia. I folled the same route as in Peru and decided to try volunteering with another organization for another two months. In Bogota I continued teaching English in poor areas and working in Orphanages. I additionally had a chance to work with homeless drug addicts and with senior women +70 years old abandoned by their families on the streets.

2015 September - 2015 November

Lima, Peru

Tarpuy Sonqo



I decided to leave my home, my work and my career and go to Latin America for about a year to do some ‘good things’ and get more live experience and skills. My first stop was Peru, Lima where I spent two months working as a volunteer. During my work in Peru I tried to get involved in as many projects as I could. I was teaching English in poor areas, working with special needs children as well as orphanages.

2010 December - 2014 December

Polska, Kraków

Szlachetna Paczka

For last couple of yeas I have been co-organizing the charity action ‘The Noble Box Project’ with my family and friends. Every december the charity organization selects the families in need and provides a lists of most necessary products. The volunteers take charge of those lists and need to make sure that enough money is collected and all the products are delivered to the families on last weekend before Christmas.