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Dear Guest

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I prepared this website to make it easier for you to learn something about me. You will find here information about my work experience and additional activities that I have done during the years. You can check what education did I receive and what schools did I graduate from. There are couple of nice references from my previous supervisors. I visualized the level of my competences in skills & knowledge section and listed the most recent certificates that I got from online courses. Finally you will find my Portfolio with some important projects that I did. If you find my professional background interesting I will be happy to have a Skype call or meet you in person and talk about our shared opportunities and goals.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2007 July - Present

Comarch SA

Comarch_logo (1)1
For the last 8 years I have been doing marketing for b2b business. I am working for Comarch, software house which delivers IT products to various types of business on 5 continents with subsidiaries in more than 20 countries. This work includes video campaigns, animations, microsites and  social media activity, all that in demanding financial technology environment.

2012 – present
This is my most recent role at Comarch. Reshaping the marketing structures. Company sales strategy  and geographic expansion plans required me to reshape my team,  appoint new roles and new responsibilities reflecting the new approach. This meant doubling the size of my team and transition from task specialisation to product specialisation and responsibility.

2008 – 2012
These were my first years of managing a small marketing team. I was responsible for preparation of  marketing budget and marketing plan and its implementation. I had to coordinate marketing tasks to be consistent with sales actions and product development plans.

2007 – 2008
Beginings of my marketing career. For the first year I was mainly responsible for events organization, preapration of marketing materials and cooperation with external agencies.

2005 January - 2007 July


I entered the full time job market in 2005 and started working for Capgemini. The job was to support clients from Texas with their IT issues and requests.

I was shadowing my direct supervisor and replacing him when he was out of office. The tasks included basic managerial activities like keeping eye on the incoming calls and making sure the whole team is doing their job smoothly.

Or Second Line Analyst. This job included handling second line tasks which required more knowledge and experience in solving problems and assigning them to the correct team. Second Liner was also responsible for the First Line team members and was suppose to help them in solving complex issues or talk with difficult clients.

This was my first job and first contact with international client and corporate culture. The job of the First Line Analyst included handling the basic computer related issues and assisting clients with their requests via phone or email.

What drives me?

Additional Activities

2013 January - 2014 June

Wellness Club Park Wodny

Although I always treated dance as a hobby after some years of practicing I decided to take a 2 year choreography program and became certified jazz dance teacher. Thanks to that for two years I was giving classes in a commerical wellness club and in a youth center for kids and highschool students. I never threated it as a ‘real job’ but I did it because it gave me loads of fun. Also I always tried to be prepared as good as possible for every training. I stopped giving classes when I felt that I can’t spend enough time on preparation which affected the quality of  my teaching. It was a great period of my life and maybe some day I will return to it.

2010 April - 2013 May

Trendy Magazine

Around that time when I decided to become a dance teacher I decided to make a use of my writing skills and write about my passion. I started a blog Sneakers & Pointes which later became the biggest Polish dance blog, and I started cooperation with a printed magazine called Trendy where I was creating articles, show reviews and interviews with famous dancers and choreographers.

2014 December - present

Marketer's Cookbook

When I was working as a Marketing Manager I created Marketer’s Cookbook blog to share experience and ideas with people dealing with similar business cases in their jobs. The articles were based on my experience and were meant to be useful and practical. All the articles were also re-posted on my LinkedIn Pulse profile.

My Education


2000 September - 2005 June

University of Economics in Krakow

Master’s Degree, Marketing Management


2003 January - 2004 August

Avans Hogeschool in the Netherlands (Breda)

Bachelor, International Business Studies



  • Anna M. Lik

    Public Relations Coordinator

    I have been working with Antoni for five years co-running a great number of marketing and communication campaigns. He is a well-organized and ambitious person who demonstrates excellent skills and expertise needed for efficient day-to-day managing of a marketing department. His thoroughness manifests itself in strategies, materials and events that are always top notch. Antoni communicates very effectively with his team members. He is an outstanding leader and someone you can count on to get the job done. I found him to be entrepreneurial, disciplined and persistent. He has a knack for increasing our product visibility and demand. He brings a lot of energy and engagement into daily activities and collaborative tasks. His attitude, innovative mind frame, proactive and supportive style proved to me that he will go far in his career. I recommend Antoni as a responsible, trustworthy and creative manager who always works hard on all activities with his team. He is well equipped to take on an even more influential role in marketing and management. I consider him a great asset to any organization.

  • Piotr Dziewoński

    Senior Manager

    During his tenure in IT, Antoni proved to be an entusiastic and creative professional with a head full of great ideas for improvement of the services that were delivered. But above all, I remember Antoni as a people-person, getting on well with colleagues and customers and creating a positive working atmosphere. Rare combination of creativity, passion and fun. I’m not surprised to see Antoni’s impressive career progression in Marketing domain as he certainly has many opportunities there to utilize his skills.

  • Andre Tressel

    Finance & Accounting Lecturer

    hereby I confirm that Mr Antoni Sikora was a student of our school in academic year 2004. He participated in two blocks- one ‘Strategic Management’ and second ‘European Business Studies’. In the block Strategic Management I participated as what we call Problem Based Learning as a tutor, to guide students in process of their studies. This block contains of 10 study weeks, 15 ECTS (european credits) and two projects and is part of our Bachelors program of International Business and Management Studies. Mr Antoni Sikora was a reliable and conscientious person, who fullfield tasks commended to him. He is able to acquire useful information without problems. He was co-operative, helpful and easily works in a team and adpoted the educational in an easy way.

What I am good at

Skills & Knowledge

Marketing Skills

Business 2 Business99%
Event 95%
Content 85%
SEM & SEO70%
Inbound 88%
Outbound 65%
Digital 85%

My Recent Certificates

kinetic 150
Kinetic Typography in PPT
hubspot 150
Inbound Marketing
killer 150
Killer Presentation In PPT
PACH 150
Logo Animations For YouTube


  • Team Management
  • Marketing Management
  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Basic Video Editing
  • WordPress
  • Good sense of Typography
  • Basic Image Retouching

Hobbies & Interests

  • Dance


    I danced almost every day for 6 amazing years of my life. Now, even though I don't dance as much as before I still feel that the dance changed my life... and when I count I always count to eight :)

  • Travel


    I traveled to countries as distanced culturally and geographically as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia or Japan.

  • Culture


    There are a lot of things that I don’t know and may be strange for me but I can say with confidence that I always try to understand the differences between the people. And never judge hastily.

  • Technology


    Most of my career life I've been working for technology companies. I wouldn't last that long if I didn't have a little bit of IT geek in me. Back in the days hardcore gamer, now regular Buzzfeed and Mashable reader.

My best work


  • + >

    Comarch Smart Finance Animation

    Introducing Smarty...

  • + >


    7 minute show

  • + >

    Financial Services Lounge

    Engagement Platform

  • + >

    British Bankers’ Association Video Report

    Product Video Advertisement

  • + >

    Technology Review

    Digital & Print Magazine

  • + >

    Financial Services Days

    Creating a brand for an event

Sample details

Comarch Smart Finance Animation

General Description


Comarch Smart Finance was one of the companies strategic products. There was a need to create a universal campaign that could be used in various media with utilisation of different communication channels. To ballance informative and factual language which was used in product information materials new character - Smarty - has been brought into beeing. Smarty was an animated character which appeared in a series of Comarch Smart Finance ads. The amimations has later been translated to French, Italian and German and were used in localy across Europe.

Smarty was very likeable character so after the series of videos we decided to make a toy pendrive portraying Smarty. The pendrive has then become one of the most requested marketing gadget and was always present at the conference booths as a popular give-away.

Project Outcome, Client

Sample details

Project Name

General Description

Finovate is one of the most unique events dedicated for financial services institutions and IT vendors presenting their products and solutions. Demos are carefully selected and presentations can last no longer than 7 minutes. Presenters are allowed to show only live demos (no screens, or pre-recorded videos). Not all presentations are accepted to be shown on Finovate event. Before the actual registration the screening session is made to decide if the sollution fulfils the requirements. My role was to coordinate the process of live demo preparation and delivered marketing activities supporting our participation in the event.

The presentation was delivered by Business Development Director and Product Manager and received positive feedback from the audience. The event generated some interesting leads and later inquiries has been made regarding the presented solution.

Project Outcome, Client

Sample details

Financial Services Lounge

General Description

Financial Services Lounge was a project ment to be an online engagement platform. The idea was to create a place where the clients, prospects and financial conferences attendees would have an option to communicate with the brand and with each other. The portal was frequently updated and packed with valuable knowledge about current needs, problems and trends prevailing on financial and technological markets. The goal was to build an image of the company that has the market knowledge and cares about the clients as individual people (Human 2 Human approach). The company products were never directly promoted on the platform. Only the market knowledge was distributed there and company experts commented the stories together with independent bloggers and journalists .

The platform generated positive feedback from company clients and won completely new followers in social media from financial technology markets.

Project Outcome, Client

Sample details

British Bankers' Association Video Report

General Description

Entering the UK market required promotion efforts to build and increase  brand recognition on a local financial technology market. Appart from advertising in paper and online financial portals we decided to work together with British Bankers' Association and prepare a story about our strategic product Comarch Smart Finance. The project involved cooperation with Independent News Television which recorded a video in companys London office. My role was to take care about the whole thing which included preparation of the script, supervising the recordings and managing the production.

The video was promoted among potential clients in UK and used many times on customer meetings and financial events. On companys official youtube channel this video has still the biggest number of views in its category.

Project Outcome, Client

Sample details

Technology Review

General Description


Technology Review was a paper magazine published annually and distributed among company's clients and prospects. The magazine was edited in two language versions, in Polish (localy) and English (for european markets). The magazine treated about the market trends, events, big contracts and technology breakthroughs. The content was mostly generated by company marketing and consulting teams but some of th earticles were written by clients, external reporters or market influencers.

Within time magazine won big popularity among clients and prospects and became most requested content distributed by companys marketing team. One of the evidence proving magazine's increasing popularity was the fact that some clients asked if they can write some articles themselves and some technoogy vendors wanted to advertise in it.

Project Outcome, Client

Sample details

Financial Services Days #FSDAY2014

General Description

Financial Services Days started as a user group meeting for company banking clients and after some years became an independent brand and one of the biggest annual technology events for financial services industry in Central Europe. In 2014 the event got it's exclusive branding and was strongly promoted in social media (#FSDAYS2014) and traditional media.

The diversity of keynote speakers and quality content of the presentations in 2014 resulted in creation of an international event with speakers from six countries and around 150 financial markets attendees.

Project Outcome, Client